Automotive & Oil

  • The automotive industry is becoming more and more competitive, characterised by increasing globalisation, industry consolidation, diminishing margins and excessive capacity. In such an environment, the need to make every investment decision a prudent one is paramount. Similarly there is a real need to fully understand every step of the value chain if the full benefit of investment is to be felt.

Capital intensive, dynamic and complex, the energy industry faces a huge set of challenges. With the balance of resources constantly changing, it is an exciting time to be in the industry. There is significant interest in the green energy systems, and the industry requires specialised equipment at every level, from exploration through to processing and refining, as well as distribution.

Automotive industry experience
  • We have more than 10 years of automotive experience in South Africa and globally: from market research and brand marketing to business planning and consulting projects.
  • We have worked with and consulted to Nissan and Renault in South Africa and many regions globally: Europe, Japan, Nordics, UK, USA.
  • We have conducted interviews with the following B2B internal stakeholders in the Automotive Industry: Sales executives and manager at dealerships; CEO/Directors, Senior and Middle management at OEMs.
  • For our Automotive clients, we have undertaken interviews and surveys with other B2B stakeholders ranging from small to large commercial fleet operators.
Oil industry experience
  • We have significant experience in the oil lubricants industry through an ongoing partnership since 2008 with the ROSE Foundation, on behalf of the oil industry.
  • In the oil industry we have gained in-depth insights among key B2B sectors across South Africa, conducting extensive quantitative and qualitative research studies: Independent workshop owners and mechanics; Informal mechanics; Engineering shops; Mining companies; Farmers; Fleet operators; Taxi owners and drivers.
Case study: Advertising and branding research in the Oil Industry

Business Challenge

  • We were approached by The ROSE Foundation, a nationwide leader in environmentally acceptable oil recycling, to design and conduct a national brand and advertising tracking study among the key B2B target market sectors.
  • The key objectives were to: (1) provide media consumption and demographic information about the target customer; (2) test and provide feedback on the best advertising concepts; (3) measure brand and advertising awareness, as well as perceptions and behaviour regarding oil storage and recycling.

What We Did

  • We conducted personal interviews across South African metropolitan areas to better understand the target market demographics and media usage.
  • We held focus group discussions to gain insights into oil storage, disposal, and recycling. Most importantly, we got feedback on the best advertising concepts and suggestions on how the ads could be more effective.
  • We designed and implemented a brand and advertising tracking study to monitor the effectiveness and ROI of the marketing campaign. Interviews were conducted on the same target market segments.

We enabled the ROSE Foundation to develop a B2B marketing strategy, and make more informed marketing and advertising decisions that has helped to significantly improve responsible used oil collection and recycling in South Africa.

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