Are e-commerce platforms shaking up the Sports Nutrition Market?

Globally, as consumers continue to place increasing importance on their fitness, both the purchasing and purchase-decision process of Sports Nutrition products are rapidly moving online. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this online paradigm shift is further being driven by social distancing and lockdown regulations. The rising popularity of e-commerce in the Sports Nutrition space is helping the industry to stay in shape, and remain relatively healthy, even during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Insight Survey’s latest SA Sports Nutrition Industry Landscape Report 2020, carefully uncovers the global and local Sports Nutrition market, based on the latest information and research – including the impact of COVID-19. It examines the relevant global and local market trends, innovation and technology, drivers, and challenges, to present an objective insight into the South African Sports Nutrition Industry environment and its future.

In 2019, the global Sports Nutrition market reached a total value of approximately US$21.7 billion in terms of retail sales, as illustrated in the graph below. Regionally, North America represented the largest market in the global Sports Nutrition market, reaching a value of approximately US$13.5 billion in 2019. This was followed by Western Europe and Asia-Pacific, valued at approximately US$3.0 billion and US$2.0 billion, respectively.

Sports Nutrition

Source: Euromonitor Graphics by Insight Survey

In South Africa, the retail sales value of the South African Sports Nutrition market, at constant 2019 prices, achieved a 6.1% increase between 2018 and 2019. This growth can largely be attributed to an increase in the importance of health and wellness amongst consumers, with growing numbers of consumers viewing exercise as a means of staying fit and healthy.

Furthermore, there has been rapid shift towards digital and online platforms across markets, including the Sports Nutrition market. E-commerce platforms have grown significantly in popularity, due to the convenience and product reviews that it provides. Furthermore, the rise in e-commerce is enabling Sports Nutrition products to be easily distributed to developing countries, where there is accelerating demand for these products.

In addition to offering a convenient platform to purchase products, online platforms also offer an environment for consumers to provide online ratings and reviews, which is having a significant impact on market growth. Recent findings, published by Pew Research, indicated that 62% of consumers aged between 18 and 49 years, first check product ratings and reviews online before purchasing products.

The increasing popularity and importance of online platforms in the Sports Nutrition market, has also taken hold in South Africa. E-commerce distribution has been booming, with traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers having to significantly improve their online channel, to compete with these online players. This is evidenced by the growing number of online Sports Nutrition retailers including Chrome Supplements and Accessories, Xtreme Nutrition, What’Supp, and Bodybuilding SA, amongst others.

Moreover, as South African consumers increasingly spend more time online, it will become crucial for retailers to have an active, online presence. Local internet user penetration currently stands at 47% and is expected to grow to 60% by 2021, whilst mobile penetration is currently at 65%. Interestingly, online purchasing of Sports Nutrition products has already accelerated considerably, driven by the global outbreak of COVID-19, helped by social distancing and lockdown regulations.

The South African Sports Nutrition Industry Landscape Report 2020 (167 pages) provides a dynamic synthesis of industry research, examining the local and global Sports Nutrition industry (including the impact of COVID-19) from a uniquely holistic perspective, with detailed insights into the entire value chain – from key global and South African market trends, innovation and technology, drivers, and challenges as well as manufacturer, distributor, retailer, and pricing analysis.

Some key questions the report will help you to answer:

  • What are the current market dynamics of the Global Sports Nutrition industry?
  • What are the key global and South African Sports Nutrition industry trends, innovation and technology, drivers, and challenges?
  • What are the market value and volume trends in the SA Sports Nutrition market (2014-2019) and forecasts (2020-2024), including the impact of COVID-19?
  • Who are the key manufacturers, distributors, and retail players in the SA Sports Nutrition industry?
  • What are the prices of popular Sports Nutrition brands and products at retail outlets and pharmacies?

Please note that the 167-page report is available for purchase for R30,000.00 (excl. VAT). Alternatively, individual sections can be purchased for R12,500.00 (excl. VAT). For additional information simply contact us at or directly on (021) 045-0202 or (010) 140- 5756.

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