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Are Pampered Pets Boosting SA’s Pet Care Industry?

Both globally and locally, pet owners are finding novel ways to pamper their pets, as they are increasingly being considered as an important member of the family. These include treats such as ice cream, frozen yogurt, and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as a variety of high-end services, such as luxury pet hotels and spa treatments. These unique treats are popular among pet owners, who continue to humanise their pets with luxury products and services, that they themselves enjoy.

Insight Survey’s latest SA Pet Care Industry Landscape Report 2020 carefully uncovers the global and local Pet Care market, based on the latest information and research. It describes the relevant global and local market trends, innovation and technology, drivers, and challenges, to present an objective insight into the South African Pet Care industry environment and its future.

The global Pet Care market is expected to continue to grow substantially over the upcoming years, with the value of the market expected to increase from approximately US$164.7 billion in 2019 to approximately US$227.1 billion in 2025, as illustrated in the graph below. However, the market is projected to grow at a slightly lower CAGR of 5.5% for the period 2020 to 2025 (previously 6.6%), which includes a decline of -3.2% in 2020, due to the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Pet Care
Source: PRNewswire Graphics by Insight Survey

Similarly, the value of the South African Pet Care market is also expected to experience marginal growth in the coming years, with a sharp decline predicted in 2020, due to the significant impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the South African economy.

In the South African Pet Care market, a variety of unique pet products and services have become available. South African pet owners are no longer choosing boring, dry bones, and biscuit treats for their pets, but instead are opting for niche products that treat their pets in more quirky ways.

One such example is that of frozen-style pet treats, which have become popular within the market. These frozen treats include ice cream, frozen yogurt, and even freeze pops made from non-alcoholic and grape-free wine. In addition, pet owners can also treat their pets to an alcohol-style drink, such as WOOF&BREW Bottom Sniffer beer dog treat, or Pawsecco wine for cats and dogs. These treats reflect the humanisation of South African pets, offering products similar to those enjoyed by pet owners.

Moreover, this humanisation is also seen in luxury pet services, which are becoming increasingly popular among South African pet owners. These services include pet hotels offering high-end boarding and day care facilities, as well as additional amenities. One such example is atFrits, a Cape Town-based pet hotel and day care centre that offers pets uniquely themed luxury suites for overnight stays, as well as amenities such as a salon and spa, wellness activities, pet training, and outdoor play areas.

Furthermore, spa treatments offered by grooming salons are another way for pet owners to pamper their pets. For example, the Royal Pooch and Co offers blueberry facial treatments, which remove dirt and stains from light-coloured dog’s fur, as well as ‘Paw’dicure’s, which moisturise and treat pets’ pads and paws.

In addition, pet owners can now show off their spoiled pets on dedicated pet social networks, such as Minderz, which is described as Instagram for pets. This allows pet parents to show off their pets enjoying luxury treats and services to other pet owners.

As South African pet owners continue to humanise their pets, the methods they choose to spoil their pets are becoming increasingly human as well. Quirky luxury products and services allow pet owners to spoil their pets, as well as show off to other pet owners, which augurs well for South Africa’s Pet Care Industry, despite the significant, negative impact posed by COVID-19 in the short-term.

The South African Pet Care Industry Landscape Report 2020 (173 pages) provides a dynamic synthesis of industry research, examining the local and global Pet Care industry from a uniquely holistic perspective, with detailed insights into the entire value chain – from key global and South African market trends, innovation and technology, drivers and challenges, as well as supply chain, retailer, and pricing analysis.

Some key questions the report will help you to answer:

What are the current market dynamics of the global Pet Care industry?

  • What are the key global and South African Pet Care industry trends, innovations and technology, drivers, and challenges?
  • What are the market size value and volume trends in the SA Pet Care market (2015-2019) and forecasts (2020-2024), including the impact of COVID-19?
  • Who are the key players in the South African Pet Care value chain in terms of Pet Food, Pet Accessories, Pet Insurance and Pet Healthcare?
  • What are the prices of popular Pet Care brands and products (dry dog food, dry cat food, wet dog food, wet cat food, dog treats, and cat treats) across SA retail outlets and supermarkets?

Please note that the 173-page report is available for purchase for R30,000.00 (excluding VAT). Alternatively, individual sections can be purchased for R12,500.00 (excluding VAT). For additional information simply contact us at or directly on (021) 045-0202 or (010) 140-5756.

For a full brochure please go to: South African Pet Care Industry Landscape Report 2020

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