Evaluating the success of Medical reps among medical practitioners

Medical representatives more commonly referred to as “reps”are a key link between medical and pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. They sell their company’s products, which include medicines, prescription drugs and medical equipment, to a variety of customers including GPs and hospital doctors, pharmacists and nurses. They work strategically to increase the awareness and use of their company’s pharmaceutical and medical products.
One of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies approached us to conduct an ongoing tracking study to understand how effectively their medical reps had been in communicating about key products.

Reps in any organisation are a substantial investment and are consistently  competing with reps from competitor companies making it imperative that they undergo relevant training and that the ROI is maximised through continuous feedback.

The client provided us with a questionnaire that they had previously used so we were tasked to make some minor amendments and, through a detailed review, we also recommended refinements.

We were provided with a database of Medical Reps on a daily basis and conducted telephonic surveys among General Practitioners, Psychiatrists and Specialists, Cardiologists in order to evaluate product recall and key messages recall. The challenge was to conduct the telephonic surveys within 3 working days with very specific practitioners who are usually exceptionally busy and do not have time to participate in surveys.

However, our experienced research team are always up to the challenge and able to conduct telephonic interviews effectively and intelligently based on upfront research and detailed briefing.

Based on the findings, the client was able to evaluate the effectiveness of their Medical Reps across product, region and at an individual level. This allowed them to provide focused training for their Medical Reps in order to improve communication effectiveness with Medical Practitioners and refresh product knowledge and product key messages.