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Insuring Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Research focuses on customers’ perceptions and experience relative to products and services. Many firms are interested in understanding customer experience in order to improve current service offerings and ensure customer retention.

We were approached by one of South Africa’s leading insurance companies to revise and refine their annual customer satisfaction tracking study in order to assist them in obtaining a more accurate understanding of their  Brokers’ experience when dealing with Legal Services.

Our Client provided us with a questionnaire that they had previously used, so we were only required to make some minor revisions and recommended refinements. We then programmed the online survey and ran some initial testing to ensure the survey was absolutely accurate. Personalised e-mail invitations were then sent to customers in order to provide simple directions on how to access and complete the survey.

After the e-mail deployment, we followed up with e-mail reminders to respondents who had not yet completed the survey. Upon completion, we cleaned the data through straight-line checks, contradictory response checks, negative question comparisons, and verbatim comment reviews. The results were analysed per branch as well as in total in order  to provide more specific, tactical feedback.

Thereafter we  conducted the data analysis and created a customised analytical report that included recommendations based on the research findings.

The customer satisfaction survey provided insight into many customer satisfaction and service dimensions as well as suggestions from the Brokers on how to improve areas of weakness.

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