Financial Services

  • From credit card companies and insurance providers to consumer finance and investment institutions, the financial services industry recognises the importance of market research in better understanding and realising opportunities within B2B markets.

Negative views towards business financial services are common and customer experience and loyalty programs are becoming essential. Businesses that once focused on multinational clients and products are realising the importance of SMEs. We can help you to meet the needs of SMEs in the financial services sector. Working in partnership with you, we conduct customer satisfaction surveys and ensure your proposition is clear and differentiated in the eyes of your potential and current customer bases.

Financial Services Industry Experience
  • We have worked with the biggest companies in the Insurance and Banking Industry in South Africa and Ireland.
  • In the Insurance Industry, we have undertaken telephonic and online surveys among Internal Staff, Insurance Brokers and Financial Advisors for a wide variety of B2B research studies.
  • We have gained significant B2B insights in the financial services sector, from conducting new product launch testing with sales staff to improving the customer experience among customer services call-centre agents.
Case study: Improving Customer Satisfaction & Experience among Insurance Brokers

Business Challenge

  • We were approached by one of South Africa’s leading insurance companies to revise and refine their annual customer satisfaction tracking study in order to assist them in obtaining a more accurate rating of Brokers’ experience when dealing with Legal Services.

What We Did

  • We programmed the online survey, including initial testing and piloting to ensure the survey was 100% accurate.
  • We designed personalised email invitations for each customer with simple directions on how to access and complete the survey.
  • We cleaned the data through straight-line checks, contradictory response checks, negative question comparisons, and verbatim comment reviews.

The customer satisfaction survey provided research findings across many customer satisfaction and service dimensions as well as suggestions from the Brokers on how to improve areas of weakness. Results were compared with the previous years in the form of gaps analysis.

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