Focus Group Discussions

  • Focus group discussions are an exploratory research technique ideal for understanding needs, motivations and prejudices and getting detailed feedback on new B2B product/service ideas, concepts and prototypes.

We offer in-person focus groups at a research venue behind a one-way mirror and online focus groups (via Zoom). B2B focus group usually have a few (less than 6) selected respondents in which a moderator guides the group through a series of topical discussions and activities. These can be highly effective, bringing together respondents with different life experiences to discuss and debate an issue.

B2B groups allow your participation through viewing the groups, leading to an even more valuable research outcome.

Our team of experienced moderators, backed up by our in-house unit of telephone recruiters, ensure the correct respondents are recruited for the appropriate groups – from senior managers to IT personnel, architects and plumbers. 

In terms of focus groups, we offer the following comprehensive research service:

  • Recruitment of respondents according to client requirements: We can recruit from supplied lists or free-find following pre-determined screeners or even develop screeners on your behalf according to project requirements.
  • Booking of venues: All venues contain viewing facilities for clients and we arrange catering for respondents and Clients. A host is available to ensure that respondents and Clients are comfortable, have name tags, sign an attendance register, and confirm that all recruitment criteria are 100% accurate.
  • Audio-visual recordings: All focus groups are recorded (audio recordings) for quality purposes. We also provide visual video recording when required from client.
  • Moderation: We make use of experienced moderators following a discussion guide, designed in conjunction with the client.
  • Incentives: We arrange incentives in the form of cash, voucher or a donation to the respondent’s favourite charity.
  • Verbatim transcription: All discussions are transcribed verbatim to generate accurate and reliable B2B insights.
B2B Research Methods
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