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Healthcare Market Research


We are a proudly South African company that have provided market research solutions and Intelligence reports to local and global brands. We have worked with some of the greatest companies and brands in their industries.

We specialise in obtaining market information direct from the people who matter – industry experts, medical professionals, competitors, customers and patients – in order to answer the most difficult questions facing your business. Whether you wish to know the size and key segments of a target market; evaluate the competition; or understand how to tailor or better convey the advantages of your offering, we can help.

Healthcare Market Research and Healthcare surveys requires an agency that delivers results. Insight Survey covers key areas in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors and understanding patient needs, attitudes, preferences and future intentions is imperative for success in the healthcare industry.

Healthcare Industry Experience

Case study: Medical Rep effectiveness among GP’s & Specialists

Business Challenge
What We Did

Based on the findings, the Client was able to evaluate the effectiveness of their Reps across product and region, as well as on an individual level. This allowed them to provide focused training for Reps in order to improve communication effectiveness with Medical Practitioners.

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