Online Surveys

  • With technological advancements, online surveys have become the preferred data collection method for many customer and employee satisfaction surveys, as well as product and service feedback.

There are many reasons for conducting B2B online surveys, including cost savings, time savings and improved data accuracy levels through automatic routing. Online surveys also allow for feedback on audio-visual material e.g. TV ads, radio ads, print ads, branding, designs, and concepts.

We usually recommend conducting Online Surveys after considering the following factors:

  • Do you have a quality list of respondents with accurate e-mail addresses?
  • Does the target audience use computers (PC/Laptop/Tablet) and the Internet in their day-to-day working environment?
  • Are you looking for answers to concise questions that can be completed in less than 10-15 minutes?

Over the years, we’ve identified various techniques to maximise survey response rates and effectiveness:

  • Our proprietary survey methodology includes an introductory memo from the client CEO or senior management.
  • We send a personalised e-mail invitation to each customer with simple directions on how to access and complete the survey.
  • We send follow-ups including personalised e-mail reminders to respondents with uncompleted surveys.
  • We provide contradictory response checks, negative question comparisons, and verbatim comment reviews.

Online Mobile/Cellphone Research

The functionality, connectivity and processing power offered by modern mobile phones has opened up exciting, new possibilities for collecting market research data via online surveys, particularly in business-to-business markets where respondents can be difficult to reach.

We offer short online mobile/cellphone surveys which can be integrated with telephone and personal interview fieldwork.

B2B Research Methods
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