Our Partnership

  • We offer a bespoke service with no ‘off the shelf’ packages to sell.
  • We utilise both qualitative and quantitative techniques.
  • We work with businesses in a variety of ways to find answers to marketing problems.
  • Our approach is to work with you in an interactive way to ensure that the research answers the questions that you want answered.

Problem Definition

  • What are you trying to achieve and who are you trying to influence?
  • In the absence of a brief, we can take on this role for you, and ensure that the research has clear objectives.

Upfront Workshops

  • Define the problem in more detail and ensure everybody involved is happy with research going forwards.

Technical Understanding

  • In-depth familiarisation with your technical product.
  • Comprehensive analysis of Industry and market.

Conducting Surveys

  • Telephonic and personal interviews with your B2B stakeholders by experienced and astute research executives and analysts.

Action-Oriented Results

  • Data interpretation to ensure your clarity.
  • Back-end workshops to disseminate findings and discuss taking results further.
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