Personal In-Depth Interviews

Carried out face to face or over the phone, the interviewer follows lines of questioning appropriate to the respondent, probing particular areas of interest and/or knowledge with flexibility to change the line of questioning if needed.

We address the following issues when conducting primary insight research from B2B decision makers, influencers and key stakeholders:

  1. We ask questions of the most relevant respondents: The decision making unit within B2B organisations is complex and the most appropriate person to answer our questions is often not the one we approach initially.

  2. We ensure the survey consists of a commercially representative sample: This is not always the same as strict statistical significance. In many B2B markets, a small proportion of customers or buyers may account for a very high proportion of total sales so it vital to canvass the views of commercially significant companies.

    During project planning, we ensure that the sample plan will achieve a robust result, whilst also being realistic to fulfil.

  3. We ensure the researcher conveys an appropriate level of professionalism and expertise: Securing the cooperation of senior business decision-makers is more than just about having a business-like approach.

    We ensure that extensive time is devoted to briefing all researchers on the study about any jargon or technical background relating to our clients’ industry.

B2B Research Methods