Purchase Decisions & Customer Profiling

  • In B2B decision making is complex. It can involve many different people with different roles, agendas and preferences. We carefully uncover this dynamic and get to the root of who really wields power.

Not all buyers are the same. They can be segmented into distinct groups based on firmographics like company size or activity, and also according to their attitudes, needs and approach to decision making.

Our studies help you detail the right strategy through the following process:

  • Map out the decision-making and buying process in your market
  • Identify who you should seek to influence, when and how
  • Uncover the motivations behind and influences on their buying behaviour
  • Identify the proposition and messaging which will make you their 1st choice

Examples of questions that we will help you to answer:

  • What is the geo-demographic profile of my customers?
  • What is the firmographic profile of customers?
  • Who makes the decisions and who are the influencers within your target market?
  • What is the typical decision-making process?
  • What are the key factors that influence the choice of a supplier?
  • What are the critical touch-points through the purchase journey?

Based on our experience, we usually conduct Online Surveys or Telephonic Surveys with customers using our in-house telephonic survey unit. However, depending on the target market and your needs, we conduct Personal In-depth Interviews or Focus Groups Discussions with B2B customers.

For more about our research process, click here.

Our B2B Market Research Services

Our B2B market research services can help your company make smarter business decisions by identifying key data and intelligence based on your specific needs.

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