Telephone (CATI) Interviews

Telephonic surveys

Telephonic CATI surveys are particularly suitable for highly structured questionnaires or where questionnaires involve complicated routing. The surveys are typically shorter in duration, usually 5-10 minutes. Telephonic (CATI) surveys increase the speed and accuracy by controlling the sample and questionnaire flow, thereby significantly reducing costs.

Our in-house B2B telephone unit includes dedicated CATI-stations, which offer numerous benefits, including:

Telephonic in-depth interviews – an important methodology

Telephonic in-depth interviews is the ideal methodology for organisations that need to gather detailed information, thoughts and opinions from hard-to-reach B2B groups. These interviews are longer in duration, typically 15-30 minutes and allow for a semi-structured questionnaire or discussion guide to be used.

Through telephonic in-depth interview, your organisation can:

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