Why Insight Survey?

  • We focus on business-to-business (B2B) market research to ensure findings and insights are relevant and meaningful in a business context.
  • Reaching professional decision-makers is difficult. We use our network of specialised recruitment and panel partners to reach professionals across most industries and job roles.
  • Our integrated approach ensures that we go beyond research to offer actionable solutions that are of great strategic value to your company.
  • Our relatively smaller company size and tight cost management allows us to provide significantly more customisable and affordable solutions with rapid turnaround times compared to our larger competitors.
  • We have a good balance of highly experienced B2B researchers and analysts who are involved hands-on from project design through to analysis and presentation.
  • Our investment in highly structured work programs and templates ensures that a high quality and consistency of research is produced, in a most cost-effective manner.
  • Companies benefit from our level 1 B-BBEE certification which allows for procurement recognition of 135%.