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About Us

Insight Survey is a premier South African market research company with an impressive track record spanning more than 15 years. Our niche lies in bespoke Business-to-Business (B2B) and Industry research, which we have perfected over the years, to provide businesses with invaluable insights that aids decision making with reduced risk. 

Our objective, as a leading B2B market research company, is to help you to successfully improve or expand your business, enter new markets, launch new products or better understand your internal or external environment. We believe that the right intelligence is crucial in making business decisions, especially when it involves significant investment. 

Our dedicated team of experienced researchers brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the table, making us the go-to market research company in South Africa for businesses looking to make informed decisions. With us, you get access to cutting-edge market intelligence and actionable insights tailored to your specific needs. 

Were not just experts in what we do, but also passionate advocates of the power of research to transform businesses. Insight Survey is more than just a research company in South Africawe’re a partner in your journey to success 

B2B Market Research

All industry research companies know that reaching professional decision-makers is no easy task.  We have robust acquisition channels, and utilising our network of specialised recruitment and panel partners, we can reach professionals across most industries and job roles.

Most importantly, interviews are conducted by researchers who have the necessary skills to communicate effectively with B2B respondents, ask intelligent questions and astutely probe responses so you gain the best B2B insights in Johannesburg, Cape Town and across South Africa.

Market Reseach Solutions

We believe in the power of market research to transform business strategies, enhance company performance, and drive growth. With our vast experience as a market research company, we offer tailored B2B services that equip business leaders with the insights they need to understand their industry better and make informed decisions. 



We offer all of the market research services you would expect to help grow your business, enter new markets, launch new products or better understand your internal or external environment.


Access affordable, pre-packaged reports that deliver detailed market and competitive intelligence across various categories.



We are experts at conducting Telephone Surveys, Online Surveys and Personal In-depth Interviews. However, we always select methodologies which will best meet your specific objectives.

Our Clients

We are a proudly South African company that have provided market research solutions and Intelligence reports to local and global brands. We have worked with some of the greatest companies and brands in their industries.

‘You and your team are thorough and ensure that you understand our requirements and what we are trying to take away from the research. Your findings are presented in summary and detail, which allows us to take actions and implement countermeasures.’

Megan MacDonald
Head of Marketing and PR

‘We have been impressed with their ability to successfully conduct interviews with CEOs and C-level executives of large corporates in South Africa. The Insight Survey team have proven to be professional and reliable, providing high quality research. Importantly, they always ensure delivery within the tight timing and deadlines provided.’

Amanda Louw
Marketing Manager
Old Mutual

‘Thank you very much for the outstanding piece of research done by Insight Survey for ExxonMobil – Qualitative Research Report for the Consumer/PVL Channel. I want to commend your team in terms of doing something different and insightful. Your team was exceptionally dedicated and professional throughout this process.’

Andreas Hadjidimitriadis
Field Marketing Advisor - Africa
ExxonMobil Logo

‘The highly experienced and professional team at Insight Survey once again delivered a customized solution of exceptional quality.
They managed our expectations with excellence and kept us up to date at every stage of the project.’

Tracey Rowles
Group Marketing Strategy Manager
Tiger Brands

‘The Actuarial Society was pleased with the quality of the work done by Insight Survey, including their ability to conduct research with C-level executives and the professional manner in which they conducted themselves in delivering timely and relevant project outcomes.’

Wim Els
Executive: Governance and Outreach
Actuarial Society of South Africa
Actuarial Society Logo

‘The Insight Survey team were able to complete the project within very tight timelines and the service received was both friendly and professional. I highly recommend Insight Survey to any companies or individuals requiring high-quality, quantitative

Melvi Todd
Commercial Manager – Special Projects

B2B Market Research Services

We understand that smart business decisions are rooted in data-driven insights. As a leading B2B market research company in South Africa, we arm your company with key data and intelligence, based on your specific needs. Insight Survey is the market research company in South Africa that can help you navigate the path to success.

Industry Reports

Insight Survey provides comprehensive industry reports that give businesses a holistic view of their sector – from manufacturing to retailing. Our reports cover market size trends, key market trends, latest innovation and technology, industry drivers and challenges, retail and pricing analysis.  

As a trusted market research company in South Africa, we offer detailed market and competitive intelligence across a wide range of categories. These reports are invaluable tools for companies looking to improve their performance, identify growth opportunities, and gain a competitive edge.  

Whether you’re interested in the Beverage, Cannabis/CBD, Financial Services, Food, Healthcare, or Pet Care industries, Insight Survey offers affordable, pre-packaged reports. If our current portfolio of reports does not cover your industry or market, we are also able to put together a customised report, based on your specific needs. 


Financial Services

Insightful Partnerships for Strategic Success ​

With over 15 years of experience as a leading B2B market research company, we understand the unique challenges that businesses face. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to work closely with you, offering personalised solutions tailored to your specific needs. From uncovering new opportunities for growth to providing invaluable industry insights, we’re here to help you navigate the complexities of the business landscape. 

By partnering with Insight Survey, you’re not only gaining access to our extensive expertise and resources – you’re gaining a strategic partner dedicated to your success 

SAMRA and B-BBEE Certification

Insight Survey are accredited SAMRA corporate members and a verified Level 1 B-BBEE company.


Market research in South Africa involves collecting, analysing, and interpreting information about your target market, industry, or business environment. This process helps businesses identify potential opportunities and challenges, make informed decisions, and develop effective strategies. Partnering with a market research company in South Africa like Insight Survey can help you conduct thorough and accurate market research. 

  1. Primary Research: Collects first-hand data directly from the source. This includes interviews, surveys, and focus groups. 
  2. Secondary Research: Gathers existing data from publicly available sources such as industry reports, market studies, and government publications. 
  3. Qualitative Research: Explores opinions, attitudes, and motivations through methods like interviews and focus groups. 
  4. Quantitative Research: Uses statistical analysis of numerical data to identify patterns and trends, usually collected through surveys.

Research companies provide businesses with valuable insights into their target markets, industry trends, and competitive landscape. They collect, analyse, and interpret data to help businesses make informed decisions and develop effective strategies. As a leading market research company in South Africa, Insight Survey offers a wide range of research services tailored to your specific needs. 

Researching a B2B company involves gathering information about the company’s products or services, market position, competitors, and industry trends. This can be done through primary research (e.g., interviews with key stakeholders), secondary research (e.g., reviewing industry reports and news articles), and online research (e.g., visiting the company’s website and social media pages). Partnering with B2B research companies like Insight Survey can provide comprehensive insights into your B2B market. 

Get In Touch

Our team will respond within the next 24 hours, sooner if possible. If the inquiry is more urgent, please call 021 045 0202 (Cape Town) or 010 140 5756 (Johannesburg).

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