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Cognitive and sleep supplements boost South Africa’s Supplements market

Globally and locally, the Supplements market is being energised by a rising demand for products that improve cognitive and sleep functioning, as consumers increasingly focus on enhancing cognitive and mental well-being. As a result, there has been an influx of innovative Supplement products offering a variety of cognitive benefits, which include both enhancing and boosting

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Are functional Vitamins enhancing South Africa’s Vitamins industry?

Worldwide, industry players are having to continually align with the capricious needs of consumers, due to busier lifestyles and shifting preferences. These consumer demands have spurred the development of numerous Vitamin products, offering functional benefits tailored to address daily consumer stressors. These innovative Vitamin products also offer increased convenience to consumers with busy lifestyles and

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Are topical products helping to boost South Africa’s Analgesics market?

Globally, consumers are seeking convenient, effective, and safe Analgesic products, capable of alleviating a wide variety of joint and muscular pain, as a result of intensive work outs, menstrual cramps, arthritis, and sedentary lifestyles, among others. Topical Analgesics, such as patches, creams, and gels, are becoming a popular alternative to traditional oral consumable Analgesics, by

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Are convenient formats ‘spraying’ growth into South Africa’s Allergy Care market?

As the prevalence of allergy-related symptoms and conditions, particularly allergic rhinitis, continues to increase exponentially, consumers are seeking more convenient and efficient solutions to cope with the impact of these allergies and improve their overall quality of life. As a result, there are an increasing number of players pivoting towards the development and introduction of

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Bridging the Gap: Embedded insurance trending in SA’s Short-Term Insurance industry.

Globally, the concept of embedded insurance has become increasingly popular in the Short-Term Insurance industry, by making the purchase of insurance more attractive, streamlined, personalised, and an intuitive part of the buying process for various products and services. Embedded insurance allows consumers to purchase insurance on the website or app they are using, without having

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Multi-Strain Products Supporting South Africa’s Probiotics Market Culture

Both globally and locally, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits associated with Probiotics, resulting in growing demand and innovation in the Probiotics industry. With this, market players have been launching new Probiotic products that offer multiple benefits, over and above gut health, through the incorporation of multiple strains and added functional ingredients.

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Innovative flavours give SA’s Sports and Energy Drinks market a kick

Globally, consumers are increasingly expecting their favourite beverage products to come in new and exciting flavours, which include Sports and Energy Drinks, to provide them with the flavourful kick they desire. As a result, innovative product offerings are being launched that include unique fruity combinations that complement the seasons, coffee-themed flavours for a morning caffeine

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Sustainable packaging pumps South Africa’s Bottled Water industry

Rising environmental awareness and calls for heightened sustainable efforts from corporations have come to the fore in the Bottled Water industry, both globally and locally. As such, companies are strengthening their efforts to adapt products to meet these evolving consuming needs, which has resulted in a new wave of innovative, sustainable packaging solutions. Local consumers

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Specialised diet pet foods trending in the South African market

In both the global and South African markets, pet owners are increasingly placing greater importance on the health and wellness of their furry companions, particularly due to ongoing pet humanisation trends.  This is being leveraged by Pet Food players in the Pet Care market, with the release of specialised diet health food that targets different

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