B2B Research Methods

Research Methods

Most importantly, surveys and interviews with your B2B stakeholders are conducted by research executives with a minimum of an honours university degree. This ensures that they have the necessary skills to communicate effectively with B2B respondents, ask intelligent questions and astutely probe responses so you gain the best B2B insights.

We ensure that extensive time is devoted to understanding your industry through secondary research analysis by our researchers. We also brief researchers on the study about any jargon or technical background relating to your industry.

The project management team are involved throughout the process from project design to analysis and reporting, including conducting surveys and interviews so that the insights are based on their personal experience.


Our data analysis delivers information that is business oriented and guides executive decision-making. We are able to fuse behavioural and attitudinal data to deliver powerful insights and ensure the highest quality via excellent data management processes.

Methods are only a means to an end – we are able to interpret outcomes and convert them into actionable information.

We use leading-edge analytical methods and world-class analysis software like SPSS and our techniques include:

B2B Research Methods