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Advertising & Branding Research

Whilst advertising can be extremely expensive if you get it wrong, advertising research and communications testing has an extremely high ROI.

Businesses invest a big chunk of their budget on B2B advertising and a branding research company. After all, both are the most important marketing tools for increasing awareness and desire from prospects, to purchase services or products. But if it is not doing the intended job, there is no point in investing millions in advertising and branding. That’s what makes advertising and brand research critical for businesses.
What is advertising research? Advertising market research is a systematic process to determine which advertisements and ad channels are the most effective for your target audience. Advertising research and communications testing have an extremely high return on investment (ROI).
Similarly, brand research helps with the creation, development, management, and strengthening of brands. It involves understanding the target market and launching a tailored branding strategy.
At Insight Survey, we offer customised advertising market research solutions, helping you create highly targeted advertising campaigns. In addition, our B2B brand research focuses on analysing and strengthening your brand funnel, relative to your competitors.
We help B2B brand owners develop effective advertising and branding campaigns that align with your business goals and reduce the wastage of your advertising spend.

Advertising Research

Advertising market research is a part of market research that helps determine which ads are the most effective with your target client base. It involves thorough market research before creating and launching a campaign. It also involves analyzing the performance of your advertising campaigns.
Insight Survey helps develop highly-targeted ad campaigns and measure their performance effectiveness over time.

Our advertising research solutions include the following:

We identify the most effective media channels for your business. We also curate appealing marketing messages and track campaigns in terms of interest, recall, effectiveness, and persuasion.

Types of Advertising Research We Offer

We offer four main times of advertising research, including:

  1. Product Appeal Research
    This involves studying the attitude of your existing and potential clients towards your product, services, or brand. It’s called product appeal. We study the behaviour of consumers in different segments. As a result, you gain insights that help marketers improve the image of your products, services, or brand.

  2. Advertising Message Research
    In this type of advertising research, we make sure your advert message is relevant and impactful. We use techniques like personal in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, rating scales, and surveys to measure spontaneous and emotional responses.

  3. Advertising Media Selection Research
    We choose advertising media based on media choices, like radio, television, social media or print. The decision is also affected by selecting national, regional, or local media and the interval of media use.

  4. Advertising Effectiveness Research
    Half the money spent on advertising is wasted. So, it’s important to monitor whether your ads are performing well or not. Insight Survey offers advertising effectiveness research capabilities to measure the attitude of prospects towards your ads.

For this purpose, we usually conduct online surveys or telephonic surveys using our in-house survey team.

Benefits of Advertising Research

Our advertising research approach serves as a powerful tool to discover the perception and reaction to your advert. You can determine how well consumers understand your campaign, do your messages resonate, etc. But that’s not all.

Online advertising research with Insight Survey provides you with so much more:

  • Valuable strategic insights that help you fast-forward your business communications.
  • Assess and optimise your advertising and campaign messaging.
  • Explore the reactions to your advertising.
  • Avoid making expensive mistakes and prevent wastage of your resources. 
  • Improve the ROI of your ad campaigns.
  • Understand how your advertising influences the target audience.

In order to perform advertising research, we explore your campaigns from different angles. For example, in the ad’s development phase, we focus on your target audience to explore, develop and improve your ideas. We provide you with actionable insights from your target market, helping you optimise your ads.

Branding Research

A brand is an asset. We all accept this. It has long been acknowledged in consumer markets. Yet in business to business markets, brands are frequently treated irreverently.

A brand is an asset, and this is acknowledged in consumer markets. But in the business-to-business (B2B) markets, brands are frequently treated irreverently.

Moreover, a brand is not defined only by products and services. It also has a unique personality, a mission statement, and ethos. But brand perception is not controlled by the brand itself. Instead, it’s owned by customers and clients, based on how they see or think about it. That’s what our brand market research uncovers.

A branding research company such as Insight Survey, we offer in-depth B2B brand research services. We focus on measuring the brand purchase funnel, relative to your competitors, to understand strengths and weaknesses at different stages in the funnel. This helps determine where to strategically invest your resources to improve conversion, sales, and recommendation.

We conduct both ad-hoc studies and continuous tracking studies to evaluate and provide guidance on how to improve brand health.

Benefits of Brand Research

At Insight Survey, you benefit from different types of brand research, including:

  1. Brand Awareness Research: Brand awareness defines how well people know your brand and how they perceive it.
  2. Brand Advocacy: It describes how your brand advocates promote your products or services. Brand advocates can be clients/customers, industry stakeholders, business partners, staff members, influencers, and consumers.
  3. Brand Loyalty: Loyal clients always prefer your products or services, even if they’re a bit more expensive than your other options. Brand loyalty often leads to brand advocacy.
  4. Brand Positioning: It describes how your brand is different from the competition and how consumers perceive it.

We also consider brand value, perception, equity, and penetration when creating a solid brand research strategy for you. In the end, you’ll:

  • Know where your brand stand
  • Adjust your brand positioning
  • Discover what your target audience wants
  • Strengthen your brand’s images and perception
  • Win more loyal clients and brand advocates

Let our B2B Market Research Assist you

As an advertising and branding research company, we provide B2B brand research and advertising research services. We identify and provide you with intelligence-based key data that helps your company make smarter business decisions.

Are you unsure about what type of research you need and how it addresses your marketing and branding challenges?Then, feel free to call us!

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Example of questions we help you to answer:

Based on our experience, we usually conduct Online Surveys or Telephonic Surveys with customers using our in-house telephonic survey unit. However, depending on the target market and your needs, we conduct Personal In-depth Interviews or Focus Groups Discussions with B2B customers.

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Example of questions we help you to answer:

Our B2B Market Research Services

Our B2B market research services can help your company make smarter business decisions by identifying key data and intelligence based on your specific needs.

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